Fun with Powertex par deux…

Hi guys

Well what messy fun me and Linda had yesterday… I’ve still got bister stains all over my hands …. you can see Linda’s here 

here’s what I did 

Took a very cheap plastic mannequin and covered her in floristry tape. 

Then took pieces of cotton cloth dipped in clear Powertex and wrapped her up. 

Then using some very soft denim chambray  dipped in Powertex I fashioned a dress and cape. Using the ends of lolly sticks to form folds and pleats …. very messy .very fiddly .. poor Linda was pulling her hair out at one stage but she got there. 

Her belt kept falling off so I removed it till later. I then left her to dry it took a couple of days and was a week later when I resumed working on her. 

I then spritz her with black bister ( I like doing it this way as when I dry brush the bister reacts and darkens the next layer) 

One coat of powercolour powder just mixed with a little Powertex. Left to dry aided a little with my heat gun. 

I totally forgot to photo but I gave her another dry brushing with the green then mixed copper and gold colour powertrix with varnish for her final coat. 

I’m really pleased with her as I normally work on canvas so this was a challenge but I think I got there okay… what do you guys think ? 

Thanks for popping by

Kathryn x 


5 thoughts on “Fun with Powertex par deux…

  1. Anonymous

    Wow! This is a really impressive piece! Will you be going large next time? I think she’d look awesome as an outdoor feature. I can imagine her placed in the gardens of a stately home…. 🙂 great work!

    Liked by 1 person

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